Hard Water

Many wells yield water that has elevated levels of calcium and magnesium. These minerals are the primary culprits of Hard Water. Typical complaints associated with hard water are: difficulty generating soap suds, frosted glassware, spotty residue and off-colored white laundry. These problems make the water aesthetically difficult to live with. Truly causing a “quality of life” issue. There are also deleterious effects of hard water that can effect the appliances and mechanical component of the home. When the naturally occurring calcium bicarbonate ions are heated in the hot water system carbon dioxide is released from the water and the soluble ions precipitate out of the water. They ultimately revert back to their mineral state causing hardness scale. This scale develops in the hot water system creating reduced water flow rate, pressure and energy efficiency. A ¼” build layer of scale in a hot water tank can result in an increase of 30% energy demand. Hard water is usually softened through an ion exchange softener. The final recommended treatment approach is based on the water chemistry but the typical complete cost (equipment and installation) is $1300.00.

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