Corrosive Water / Acidic Water

Water that is in the acidic state is corrosive to plumbing systems typically because it lacks total dissolves solids. This water will have a low pH or potential Hydrogen. Water with a pH below 7.0 is considered to be acidic. This water characteristically is very pristine in appearance and is of high quality. The difficulty with acidic water is its corrosiveness toward household plumbing and fixtures. Often this water has dissolved oxygen and/or carbon dioxide present. These dissolved gases will cause acidic water to be even more aggressive to the copper and metal components that comprise many plumbing systems. Over time the water can cause the plumbing system to weaken and ultimately pin hole leaks may develop. The only way combat acidic water is to neutralize by adding alkalinity to the water. This can be done by employing a calcium carbonate neutralizer or by metering in an alkaline potassium carbonate solution into the well water at the “point of entry” of the home/building. Water testing will dictate which approach is more ideal and suitable for each situation. The typical cost for neutralizing acidic water is approximately $900.00.

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