"Bottleless" Coolers for Business / Office / Home

As our society becomes more sensitive to our environment there is a growing shift from bottled water and bottled coolers. There is a high cost in dollars and carbon emissions associated with the production and delivery of bottled water. Pavel Water Filtration offers “Bottleless” Water Coolers. These systems are capable of delivering Hot and Cold water from a dispenser that is identical to water coolers but without the heavy bottle mounted on top. This is a much more intelligent and efficient way of providing high quality water. These systems have filtration system which treat the incoming feed water insuring its safety and high quality taste. Typically these systems can be rented for about $25.00 monthly or purchased. The water filtration cartridges should be replaced every 6-12 months at a cost of approximately $20.00.

The financial savings is significant. Also this is a “green” alternative to having water bottles delivered from remote locations resulting vehicle emissions. The ecological savings are also realized as there is no longer an empty plastic bottle that may end up in the landfill. Finally the need to lift and mount a heavy 60 lb 5 gallon bottle is eliminated. This removes the risk of work-place injury.

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